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All words and images Copyright 2018 Cone Of Negative Energy.

About This Thing:

Cone Of Negative Energy is a small publisher of fine table top gaming things. I put this thing together to be the homebase of all the game-things I want to release and all of the game-things I want to help my pals release. CONE wants to offer gaming stuffs that don't strictly align with what's found in typical, contemporary RPG scene. I hope that when we release something it's something you didn't know you wanted, the art is something more sentimental than just pretty, and you find it to be a great fit at your table. Or at your virtual table.

Use that fancy menu on the side to navigate yer way around the place and take a look at what CONE is up to. Links with strikethroughs are impending projects, and clicking the wobbly cone shaped thing at the top of the menu will bring you right back here.

- cecil