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A Whole New Website!
Pardon the mess.
By cecil Posted in company news, hex kit on July 21, 2019 1 min read
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Moving to a new space…

Well I’ve done it folks, I have decided to move the website to something a bit modern and responsive. This will take a few days to sort out so bare with me. Some things are broken, some things are now fixed, and the Hex Kit information dump is going to get a big overhaul and update. Chances are that if you encounter a bug or broken link or even a blank page, I know about it, but feel free to drop into the community Discord channel and give me a heads up!

Speaking of space..

This week I released the 4th official Hex Kit tileset, titled Spaceland Part 1: Space. This is the first of two space and sci-fi themed tilesets for the Hex Kit map making desktop application. Part 1: Space includes over 1,100 tiles meant for creating sector or system style hex maps for all your favorite current—or not so current!—space faring roleplaying games. It might be a bit before I get the official tilesets page going here, so use the navigation menu to the left to check it out on the CONE DriveThruRPG store.

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