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Hex Kit Quick Generators
Finally answering this question...
By cecil Posted in hex kit on July 26, 2019 3 min read
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New Quick Generators!

When Ross and Pierre and I first started putting moving bits for Hex Kit together we knew we wanted a random map generator, but nothing too complicated or fancy. Ross whipped up a system real quick; one tied to individual tilesets and generator files inside of them. But we decided halfway through development we wanted something a bit more custom so the Generate Custom tool was added and the old one was never taken out. Fantasyland was the only tileset that ever got any generators though, and cleaning that mess up got swept under the carpet for a couple of years.

But fret no longer, I have made some more generators even though no one is asking for them. These new quick generators aren’t tied to a single tileset—you will need all of the tilesets for these. To get them, download these angry weather tiles (click) and import the tileset as normal. Once that’s in, can go to File -> Generate (or ctrl+g) to see a buncha these things in the menu. Please please please, make sure you have the newest version of everything for this to work. Some time ago there was a problem with filenames that had spaces, and I uploaded fixed versions to all the markets.

What You Get:

An Ancient Jungle
Dry Lands
Pastoral Plains
Fungal Lands
True Swamp

These last two are utility quick generators; one creates a convincing star backdrop for your space maps, and the other creates a series of sea-surrounded land masses for The Black Spot tileset.

What Quick Generators Do:

These generators create quick base level maps for you to add on and customize, and that’s about it. They also continue to progressively generate as you expand your map! So if you make a small space map with the Vast Emptiness generator and then embiggen and expand it, the generator will keep putting tiles down for you.

What About The Custom Generator?

To be super honest, it is still a bit baffling to me. What I can tell you is that it creates something of a height map with the tiles you put into it. For a slightly less convoluted answer, check out when I talked about it in this video (click). I can tell you this: if you make a custom generator you particularly like, you can save it. And if you rename the file from awesome.yaml to GeneratorName.gen.yml then it will become a quick generator when you load Hex Kit back up!

The Fantasyland Quick Generators Are Broken!

Actually I fixed this a bit ago, but I think I just totally biffed letting people know. Just re-download Fantasyland from wherever you got it, and it should be fine.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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