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TFH&P Release Notification Signup
Get an email when the game is ready for your dollars...
By cecil Posted in tfh&p on September 2, 2019 1 min read
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Dear Friends,

This game is very near to completion, and there has been a flattering amount of interest in the game since the kickstarter campaign ended. So for everyone who’s been asking when they might get news of its release, I’ve created a notification sign up so you know as soon as it is ready.

Enter your email here to receive news on the release of The Forest Hymn & Picnic. You will receive two such emails; one when the PDF of this fine, fancy game is ready for your eyemeats, and a second email when those sweet smelling print copies are ready for purchase. After you’ve digested both emails, your email address and any other information will be expunged from the contact list! These two emails would definitely count as marketing emails with an intent to sell books, so please do not sign up if that is not what you want.

Love, Cecil

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