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Inktober Is For Candy #1
Also for Troika!
By cecil Posted in game design, troika! on October 6, 2019 1 min read
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Green Gumball Pietist

In 2020 I am releasing a game I haven’t started writing yet, but it is called The Secret Battles Beneath Toothache Mountain What Rests Atop A Land Faraway And Covered In Sugar. It’s a dungeon crawling, wargame-esque adventure game in a candy flavored fantasyland with a hint of gothic good times. And it’s for the Troika! RPG (click!). Think of it as a cartridge you have to blow into and Troika! as the old video game console you found at grandma’s house. For Inktober this year I am doing some quick doodles and studies for things I think I might want in the game and first up is this Green Gumball Pietist Spreading A Plague Of Blood Licorice As They Go. Have some Troika! stats for it:

Skill: 12
Stamina: 35
Initiative: 2
Armour: 1
Damages as Maul

1. Curious
2. Angry
3. Not Paying Attention
4. Busy
5. Sleeping
6. Spreading Discontent

Plague Of Blood Licorice (3):

A purple fog fills the entire Area as long stalks of blood-red licorice stab up from the floor in such a manner that anything in contact with it becomes entangled, stuck, and pierced. Any friend or foe attempting to move out of the Area must Test For Skill, and remain put if they fail. All creatures standing in an Area effected by a Plague Of Blood Licorice take 2 Damage each round, and this spell remains active for 5 rounds or until whoever casts it has perished or made an exit.

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