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No Taverns Is Back!
By cecil Posted in company news on October 6, 2019 1 min read
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A writing quill made from an oak leaf.

No Taverns Is Here To Stay

The CONE twitter bot known as No Taverns has been silent since I think April, when everyone involved with the project became just too damned busy to take care of it. Up until then, they way it worked was a bunch of fantastic people would contribute to a pool of prompts, they would be edited to fit within twitter’s character limit, and then put into a queue. Several times a day, the bot would take a prompt from the queue and blurt it across the twitter world to the bot’s thousand plus or so followers.

Things have changed though, and no longer is No Taverns powered by a bot. From here until otherwise, each prompt will come as they do, and each will be written by me, Cecil. This is mostly because it helps keep the writing fingers loose, and the account is still very well loved.

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