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Spaceland.Space gets Flatty Uppy Tiles

I have no idea what they are really called.

Due to popularly blowing my inboxes up Spaceland now has tiles in the flat-side-up orientation. This is a popular orientation for hex maps, I’m told. Whether you got the tiles on Itch or DriveThruRPG you have these now, just wander on over to where you got them and you should see a new Spaceland.Space.Flat file […]

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Hex Kit Quick Generators

Finally answering this question...

New Quick Generators! When Ross and Pierre and I first started putting moving bits for Hex Kit together we knew we wanted a random map generator, but nothing too complicated or fancy. Ross whipped up a system real quick; one tied to individual tilesets and generator files inside of them. But we decided halfway through […]

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New Hex Kit Help Page!

Now with actually useful information.

I’ve updated the help page for Hex Kit and updated some redirects so the Tutorial button in the desktop app will point to the right place. New additions to the tutorial include better explanations of the tools, some damn white space, the newer tools like the dropper and clear tile tool, and also a better […]

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A Whole New Website!

Pardon the mess.

Moving to a new space… Well I’ve done it folks, I have decided to move the website to something a bit modern and responsive. This will take a few days to sort out so bare with me. Some things are broken, some things are now fixed, and the Hex Kit information dump is going to […]

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