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A Cursory Guidebook To The Forest Hymn & Picnic

Quickstart Rules !

a cursory introduction The full release of THF&P is getting so close! While you wait, why not enjoy the quickstart rules? This digest sized, 52 page PDF has everything a group of friends need to play a level 0 adventure: the rules, character creation, the sheets, a minigame, and even an adventure! Check out a […]

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Mal'O Wisps!

From Chocolate Bogs And Such

Mal’O Wisps Mal’O Wisps are flaming marshmallows what skulk and stalk around various places, usually looking for other Confectionaria to munch. Pictured above we have a Mal’O wisp on stilts, stepping through a chocolate bog; no doubt looking for a snack!

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Less Math for the Apocalypse

More Paper for Pen & Paper

This Isn’t Perfect The other day I saw a post from someone talking about how they run tabletop games as a person with dyscalculia, which is a situation where someone has difficulty with numbers. This person’s solution was to have a spreadsheet printed with a bunch of pre-rolled results, and as they used results they’d […]

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A New Thing: Old Cupboard OTF

A Free Font For You !

The Forest Hymn & Picnic was not very machine readable—screen readers couldn’t read off chapter titles or other small bits because I hand made the text on them. So I made a font in the same handwriting I use in the book, and you can get it by using the menu to check it out […]

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No Taverns Is Back!

No Taverns Is Here To Stay The CONE twitter bot known as No Taverns has been silent since I think April, when everyone involved with the project became just too damned busy to take care of it. Up until then, they way it worked was a bunch of fantastic people would contribute to a pool […]

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Inktober Is For Candy #1

Also for Troika!

Green Gumball Pietist In 2020 I am releasing a game I haven’t started writing yet, but it is called The Secret Battles Beneath Toothache Mountain What Rests Atop A Land Faraway And Covered In Sugar. It’s a dungeon crawling, wargame-esque adventure game in a candy flavored fantasyland with a hint of gothic good times. And […]

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Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter

Got a small update...

Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter got a smidgen of an update, for everyone that has every purchased it or will. I added a zip file to the download with assets for playing the game over virtual table tops. It has cards for the occurrences, player tokens, worksheets, […]

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TFH&P Release Notification Signup

Get an email when the game is ready for your dollars...

Dear Friends, This game is very near to completion, and there has been a flattering amount of interest in the game since the kickstarter campaign ended. So for everyone who’s been asking when they might get news of its release, I’ve created a notification sign up so you know as soon as it is ready. […]

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Spaceland.Space gets Flatty Uppy Tiles

I have no idea what they are really called.

Due to popularly blowing my inboxes up Spaceland now has tiles in the flat-side-up orientation. This is a popular orientation for hex maps, I’m told. Whether you got the tiles on Itch or DriveThruRPG you have these now, just wander on over to where you got them and you should see a new Spaceland.Space.Flat file […]

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Hex Kit Quick Generators

Finally answering this question...

New Quick Generators! When Ross and Pierre and I first started putting moving bits for Hex Kit together we knew we wanted a random map generator, but nothing too complicated or fancy. Ross whipped up a system real quick; one tied to individual tilesets and generator files inside of them. But we decided halfway through […]

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