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A Cursory Guidebook To The Forest Hymn & Picnic

Quickstart Rules !

a cursory introduction The full release of THF&P is getting so close! While you wait, why not enjoy the quickstart rules? This digest sized, 52 page PDF has everything a group of friends need to play a level 0 adventure: the rules, character creation, the sheets, a minigame, and even an adventure! Check out a […]

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No Taverns Is Back!

No Taverns Is Here To Stay The CONE twitter bot known as No Taverns has been silent since I think April, when everyone involved with the project became just too damned busy to take care of it. Up until then, they way it worked was a bunch of fantastic people would contribute to a pool […]

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A Whole New Website!

Pardon the mess.

Moving to a new space… Well I’ve done it folks, I have decided to move the website to something a bit modern and responsive. This will take a few days to sort out so bare with me. Some things are broken, some things are now fixed, and the Hex Kit information dump is going to […]

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