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Mal'O Wisps!

From Chocolate Bogs And Such

Mal’O Wisps Mal’O Wisps are flaming marshmallows what skulk and stalk around various places, usually looking for other Confectionaria to munch. Pictured above we have a Mal’O wisp on stilts, stepping through a chocolate bog; no doubt looking for a snack!

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Inktober Is For Candy #1

Also for Troika!

Green Gumball Pietist In 2020 I am releasing a game I haven’t started writing yet, but it is called The Secret Battles Beneath Toothache Mountain What Rests Atop A Land Faraway And Covered In Sugar. It’s a dungeon crawling, wargame-esque adventure game in a candy flavored fantasyland with a hint of gothic good times. And […]

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