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Cone Of Negative Energy is an independent publisher of fine tabletop adventure games and other ephemera. All works by Cecil Howe and his myriad friends.

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Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter

A plug & play, system neutral minigame of harrowing winter survival…

At it’s core, Cold Winter is rules-light survival mini game for your fantasy role playing campaign. A doomed village is short on fuel, food, and medicine and the adventurers must strategically collect these supplies to keep the village folk from dying frozen and hungry in their beds. The game is lightly abstracted to fit in nearly any existing medieval fantasy role playing system just like a side quest or module would. Cold Winter uses a unique set of simple rules that create a tense atmosphere while adventurers plan each turn and fight against the nightmarish season. This product also comes with a set of map tiles for creating your own village map. Go from reading the rules to playing in less than an hour! A game with 4 adventurers will last just under two hours.

From the introduction…

Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter is a downtime activity, or mini-game, with a focus on helping an ill-fated frontier village survive a terrible winter season. Participants collect and manage supplies in an effort to keep the village folk alive despite the bleak, frightful conditions. It is designed to work inside of your regular fantasy role playing system and campaign with a slight separation of mechanics. As the game manager you become the village elder; tasked with setting the dour mood, keeping players on track, offering advice or strategy, and taking stock of the available supplies. Player characters become the adventurers; collecting and managing supplies while ensuring each villager receives what is needed most. The ultimate goal of Cold Winter is to keep the highest possible count of village folk alive as spring finally peeks from under the blanket of snow.

What people are saying…

Cecil Howe’s “Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter” is a rewarding, inspiring and genuinely brilliant little mini-game that can potentially inspire whole campaigns, act as an interlude, or anything in-between. It is a brilliant little book, and since it’s my list, and since I failed to review it for such a long time, this is nominated as a candidate for my Top Ten of 2018, and receives 5 stars + seal of approval for the print version. If a gritty, somber and different mini-game is what you’re looking for, do yourself a favor and get this ASAP.

Thilo G. writing for

Easy to use and adapt to a variety of settings, I moved it from a fantasy village to a crippled space station where the party had to salvage supplies to keep everyone alive.

Luke M.

Where to Purchase…

Using the navigation menu you can purchase Cold Winter on DriveThruRPG in both PDF and print-on-demand formats. This product also comes with assets to play on your virtual table top of choice!

Cold Winter is also available in a special Roll20 Edition and in PDF format on; both can be accessed through the navigation menu!

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