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Cone Of Negative Energy is an independent publisher of fine tabletop adventure games and other ephemera. All works by Cecil Howe and his myriad friends.

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Hex Kit: Introductions

Hex Kit is a multi platform, Gold ENnie Award winning desktop application for quickly and effortlessly creating hex maps for whatever tabletop adventure game you might be playing. It is built with an emphasis on ease of use, variety in tile placement, and online play usability. Hex Kit is art focused application and made to be as easy to use as possible.

Hex Kit’s built in, black & white classic hex tiles in action!

Hand Made Art: Hex Kit comes bundled with a set of classic, black & white hex tiles, but the application can easily and quickly import custom tiles as well. Tile selection is folder based: users can organize their tiles into folders and group tiles together to compliment the random tile painting feature. Additional official Hex Kit tile sets are also available for purchase, enabling users to create extremely custom, unique maps to enhance their role playing game experience. The official tiles are all hand-illustrated and come ready to import. Use the the navigation menu to explore Hex Kit’s various functions and artwork.

The map from above, recreated using the official tilesets available separately.

Use It At The Table: Hex Kit comes with several tools for using your hex maps at the table. To start, you can export maps at a resolution suited best for at-home printers or at a resolution optimized for screen and file sharing. These maps can also be exported for the game’s referee or the game’s players; game master-facing maps include all information on the map while player-facing maps only show what is showing on the map at export. For game masters using Hex Kit on stream or during online play there is even option to show tile information that pops up when the mouse is over a tile.

Labels can be set, edited, and shown or hidden depending on what the game master wants players to see!

For Online Play And Fancy Tables: Hex Kit’s display window gives you the ability to share a player-facing version of the map to a second monitor, a projector, or even as a screen over any screen sharing application. This enables game masters to hide unexplored regions with fog while updating the map in real time as new areas are further discovered. Each change made to the map appears in the display window as it is made.

On the left: the display window showing only regions of space explore by the players thus far. On the right: the Hex Kit canvas in painting mode.

The program is super easy to use. Within 5 minutes I was making the exact map I needed. The aesthetic of it sets it apart from any other hex program I’ve used. Can’t recommend it enough.

Matt A.

The Hex Kit desktop application and the official, separate tilesets are available on the CONE DriveThru and stores!

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