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Frequently Answered Questions

Is there a tutorial for Hex Kit?

Yes! Click the HELP link at the top of this page, and you will find a basic how-to guide for Hex Kit as well as a link to a tutorial video.

Where can I keep up with development or get information on the current Hex Kit build?

We put some work into setting up a forum for just that purpose. Click the FORUM link at the top of this page for all the latest hex mapping news, tips from other mappers, and to share your own creations.

Does Hex Kit run on Linux?

Yes it does; there are separate clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Can I turn the black grid off?

Technically that is not a grid; all of the tiles are illustrated by hand and the black borders on the tiles are attached to the art; they can not be detached. So no, the black grid cannot be turned on or off.

Can I import my own tiles?

You sure can. Hex Kit tiles should be 210x210px in 200 DPI. In the Hex Kit folder there is a file called HEXTEMP.png. You can use this template to size up your tiles before you import them. Put all your custom tiles in a folder, and use the import function in Hex Kit.

I broke something while importing new tiles, do I need to do a fresh install?

Nope. Navigate to the help menu, and click the 'Reset Settings' option. This will reset Hex Kit to factory defaults, so you will need to re-import any imported tiles.

Halp! I found a bug, where do I report it?

Come tell us about it at the CONE Discord Community, located in the menu on your left there.

Is it possible to change the orientation of the hex map?

Not yet, sorry. The demand for sideways hexes has been pretty small, so we've decided to add that to our road map for a future update. There are a few features that were never intended to make it into Hex Kit that we've decided to add in future updates as well: a global settings menu, copying and pasting tiles, a font chooser for labels, showing tile information when hovering over a tile with the mouse, and possibly a means to use custom plugins or extensions.

Can I use my map for commercial purposes?

If you own the intellectual property rights to the art you are using, yes. There is no limitation placed on the Hex Kit desktop application for commercial purposes. However, any tiles that come bundled with Hex Kit or are otherwise illustrated by Cecil Howe can not be used commercially whether it is direct or indirect. This means you cannot publish your maps to earn income, nor can you hide your maps behind paywalls such as obtrusive ad services, pay-what-you-want products, or services like (and including) Patreon. If you are interested in licensing official Hex Kit art for commercial purposes, use the tiny contact link at the very bottom of this page. Consult the HEX KIT LEGAL.pdf file in your Hex Kit download for more information.

Can I share my maps with friends?

Go nuts! You can share exported maps and Hex Kit save files with your friends. You can even share your map on social media or to your family at Thanksgiving. Just do not break any license agreements or violate copyright protections. Sharing or distributing individual map tiles is strictly prohibited.

Hex Kit seems pretty light on features, is it finished?

Yes, Hex Kit is intended to be a light weight application with a focus on art. Our hope is that you can get in, make a map, and get out. There are features we may be adding in the future, but the core use loop is complete.

Is there a community, or forum for Hex Kit? I'd like to show off my new maps!

Join the CONE Community Discord using the navigator's menu to the left of these words.

I purchased Hex Kit Fantasyland from DriveThruRPG or Roll20, do I need to buy it again?

Absolutely not, you can import those purchases into Hex Kit fairly easy. Head over to the HELP section to find out how.