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All words and images Copyright 2018 Cone Of Negative Energy.

The Seasonal Tetraptych

A series of system-neutral supplements for you to slide inside the mechanics of whatever system and flavor of fantasy RPG you're currently in to. Each of the four books are linked by the common theme of seasonal events, but run on different goals. For example, the winter release is a mini game or downtime activity with a light abstraction blending with hard mechanics, but the yet-to-come summer books is a collection of maps and adventuring locations.


Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter

Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter is a downtime activity, or mini-game, with a focus on helping an ill-fated frontier village survive a terrible winter season. Participants collect and manage supplies in an effort to keep the village folk alive despite the bleak, frightful conditions. It is designed to work inside of your regular fantasy role playing system and campaign with a slight separation of mechanics. As the game manager you become the village elder; tasked with setting the dour mood, keeping players on track, offering advice or strategy, and taking stock of the available supplies. Player characters become the adventurers; collecting and managing supplies while ensuring each villager receives what is needed most. The ultimate goal of Cold Winter is to keep the highest possible count of village folk alive as spring finally peeks from under the blanket of snow.

Available for PDF and Print-On-Demand purchase from our DriveThru store, as well as PDF only purchase from our Itch.io store.


Beneath The Bare Autumn Tree Our Fields Sprout Ghosts And To The Hearth We Bring Rot

This coming-when-it-is-done book is the second of the Seasonal Tetraptych. It concerns the harvest of vegetables, herbs, nuts, and fruits from cursed earth. It contains a dice game for growing crops as well as player resources for using those crops as alchemic tools, as well as a journal of known and unpleasant cursed plants.