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Cone Of Negative Energy is an independent publisher of fine tabletop adventure games and other ephemera. All works by Cecil Howe and his myriad friends.

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SPELLBOOK: A New Game From Rothbard & Gazpus!

Inspired in equal parts by Lev Grossman’s Magicians trilogy of books, the Epic Spell Wars game, our love of notebooks, and our general admiration of all things sorcerous and wizardly, we here at Rothbard & Gazpus humbly offer unto the world Spellbook, a new and very rules-light Almanac System parlor game. From the introduction:

“In Spellbook, players assume the roles of Apprentice Sorcerers competing to develop amazing new spells, cantrips, and magic rituals. The Apprentices are guided in their studies by the Professor, another player who judges their spell-crafting acumen. Because Spellbook is an offshoot of the Sword & Backpack notebook RPG and part of Rothbard & Gazpus’s Almanac System, all you need to play is a blank grimoire (a Moleskine or Moleskine-like notebook of any size, though we recommend 5×8¼”), a pencil, and some inspiration drawn from the world around them. The object of the game isn’t to “win” per se; instead, the players should aim to dazzle and delight each other with flights of cleverness and fanciful weirdness, and the ultimate goal is to eventually fill your personal spellbook with incantations to read and revisit over the years.“


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