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Cone Of Negative Energy is an independent publisher of fine tabletop adventure games and other ephemera by Cecil Howe and a myriad friends.

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People Parcel !

Art by Sam Mameli

a people background parcel !

This is a randomly generated set of background details for a People adventurer in The Forest Hymn & Picnic. If you’re here from the Cursory Guidebook then use this information instead of what’s in the book! Refresh this page to get a new background, and keep refreshing until you get one you’re in love with.

A Special Note: When using this method with the Cursory Guidebook, do not assign a score to your wealth. Rather, use the method given here.

People are often orphans of the forest, but:

There are vagaries about you, such as:


People are sentimental, for example you carry around:

You are often the center of gossip in town because:

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